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Do White dresses compete with the LBD as Fashion Icons?

Just as the little black dress has been a wardrobe staple for decades, white dresses are found in most women's summer wardrobe closets. Nothing sets off tanned skin quite like a white dress. As with a black dress, almost any color of shoes and handbag coordinates well, given the right accessories. Although matching white shoes, handbag and hat were popular costumes in the 1950s, thankfully today women aren't so into the monochromatic scheme. White dresses teamed with bright, coordinated accent colors give a sense of joie de vivre to your outfit.

The 1950s and early 1960s was a fairly barren fashion period. However, designers of the early 1960s created a fashion sensation when they deemed white, but preferably off white dresses to be acceptable winter wear. They dubbed this garment color 'winter white'. Still, the matching shoes and bag weren't too exciting.

Again, thankfully, today we have glitzy shoes in metallic fabric or leather with matching gleaming handbags. Beaded and sequined shoes are also classy accompaniments to both the winter white dress and its summer counterpart.

For summer, these dresses look great with wide-brimmed straw hats for a casual occasion. Lightweight, filmy fabrics give a dreamy, romantic effect to your LWD costume. Styles are endless, but in summer, sleeveless and cap-sleeved white dresses are most popular. For drama, either black or any fairly outrageous color in a hat is a winning combination.

For winter wear, dresses usually are made of wool or linen to suit the cooler weather. Long sleeves are de rigeur. A dark colored, brimmed woolen hat with a grosgrain ribbon trim lends a sophisticated look to such a costume.

You can raid any section of your jewelry box and find a fit for a white costume. Gold always works for dressy occasions. Almost any costume jewelry that suits the occasion works as well. However, pearls are a bland combination here. Color, whether brilliant or subdued, provides a nice contrast.

Stockings are unnecessary in summer if you have a decent tan. In winter, sheer, dark colored stockings are perfect. When wearing dark stockings, follow suit with your handbag and shoes to carry off the elegant look.

White costumes accessorize well with plain and patterned scarves. In summer, lightweight fabrics such as silk, nurture the romantic appeal of the entire costume. In winter, almost any scarf can be used to advantage.

You can see that you should have a white dress or two in your clothes collection. The LWD is as versatile, stylish and indispensable as Coco Chanel's famous little black dress.

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