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Transformers Toys

The Transformers franchise is one of the most enduring and has given hours of entertainment to children and the not so young. The Transformers toys and spin offs are as popular as ever and grown men become misty eyed when thinking nostalgically of them. The basic idea is to alter vehicles or animals into a robot and weave stories around the various characters.

It's a tale of good and evil with the good guys being the Autobots and the villains being the Decepticons. The Marvel comic books gave characters a back story and produced strips on them. There has also been an animated TV series and the 2007 live action movie, produced by Steven Spielberg, caused even more interest in the Transformers toys.

There have been numerous series and toy lines since Transformers toys first appeared in 1984. Video games are another way to enjoy Transformers. The 1980s toys are considered to be the classic line, still bought by serious collectors. Original toys in good condition can demand a good price.

The recent movie has resulted in a line of Transformers toys, based on the characters shown in the movie. The Leader Optimus Prime is the best seller, a red and blue truck that changes to a robot that can fire missiles. Voyager is another character that appears in the movie and the toys come in two different sizes. One of the old style toys is the Classic Voyager Jetfire, a heroic explorer and member of the Autobots. There is also a Cybertron series, including the Cybertron Deluxe Hotshot and the Cybertron Scout Giant Planet Mini-con team.

Racing Scalextric cars is another long standing part of childhood and Transformers toys have made it even more fun with their Scalextric Set. The cars change into Barricade and Bumblebee and race each other on the track. Transformers have also joined forces with the Star Wars franchise and the fun result is car/robots based on Star Wars characters and hardware. The series includes a Star Wars Gunship and Saesee Tin E2 Starfighter. There is also a Mace Windu E3 Jedi Starfighter and a Vader Tie Advanced.

In addition to toys, there are other merchandise items, including posters, T-shirts, fridge magnets, soft toys and mugs. Fans can wear sew on patches in various designs and there is an Optimash Mr. Potato Head. A special edition of the Monopoly board game features Transformers and there are talking Transformers keyrings.

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