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Collecting Madame Alexander Dolls

I love figurines and I love collectibles, and I can satisfy both of my fetishes with the very popular line Madame Alexander dolls available today. These beautiful creations are much more than just a mere toy; each one is a carefully crafted work of art. The beauty is all in the details, from the long strands of hair, to the hand-painted faces, and even the individual fingertips. These figures have been lovingly handmade for generations, even though the original founder passed away nearly twenty years ago.

I particularly love the gorgeous outfits that adorn Madame Alexander dolls, complete with adorable accessories that are so carefully coordinated to the rest of the look. There are purses, hats, jewelry -- and of course, shoes that put my own wardrobe to shame! I have pieces in my collection that are characters from books, figures from history, and natives from a variety of cultures.

Since I love my collection of Madame Alexander dolls and I'm always looking for ways to expand it, I went online to find new pieces to buy and learn more about the company that started it all. I learned that this company began almost a century ago, in the year 1923. The first figures were crafted of cloth, since plastic didn't come into vogue as a production material until after WWII.

Although the company could not manufacture many figures during the war years, it made up for the lull by winning the Fashion Academy Gold Medal for excellence in costuming four years in a row in the early 1950's. Everyone wanted one of these Madame Alexander Dolls during that era, when the clothing was as beautiful as the figures themselves.

I have a couple of pieces from those early years, but most of mine are primarily from the last couple of decades. I particularly like the high fashion Alex collection, with figures that are more similar to Barbie in structure, but made of a much higher quality and adorned with the most elegant wardrobes that I have ever seen outside of the red carpet in Hollywood.

I love my Amanda Fairchild and my Jadde Lee, and I enjoy collecting additional outfits for them whenever I can. After all, what fun are Madame Alexander dolls if you cannot dress them and indulge in a bit of playtime once in a while? Most of the time, I have them displayed on a few shelves in my room where I can gaze at them adoringly whenever I like. And when the time comes to add to my collection, I can shop for Madame Alexander dolls online where I get the best selection and prices available. I really couldn't ask for anything more!

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