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Harlequin Romance

There is something to be said for the occasional dose of romance in any relationship. The problem is that we are often sure that we are not getting as much as other couples, and that something is lacking in our relationship. Truthfully, most people are not romantic on a day to day basis, but find small ways to slip it in when the timing is right. Some women get unrealistic views of romance from television and movies, and many think that Harlequin Romance books do the same thing. Yes, they are romantic, but many are more realistic than you may expect.

I don’t read a lot of Harlequin Romance series, but I do read them on occasion. What I love about them is that they have that ‘ahhhh’ factor at the end of the story, but there is also a storyline with depth and the characters are often very real. The dashing hero is only dashing because he bumbles his way through and then finds the right answer at the end. The Harlequin Romance tends to be more realistic than many romantic movies out there. While they may make some women find their spouse lacking, I find it makes me appreciate the one that I have even more.

If you want a good read, don’t discount the Harlequin Romance books. They will not be best selling and award winning books, but you should not count them out. Some of them have very interesting storylines, and romance is not always the main focus of the story. The romance is there, of course, but the books put out by Harlequin Romance might stand on their own in the general fiction category of literature. The trick is finding the right type for you. They come out with romance about faith, some lighter romance, and some that are very steamy. They even have some that have mystery and some that are high action. There is something for everyone.

The best thing about Harlequin Romance is that there are some writers that start out this way and then go on to different types of books and writing. There are some great gems out there just waiting for you to read them. You can order your Harlequin Romance books so that you get them in the mail each month, and there is more than enough coming to you to keep you busy, even if you tend to read each and every night. They should not be all you read, but they can be a great break from more intense reading and may add a little whimsy to your life.

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