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The newest national hobby: Bargain shopping!

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With the economy topsy-turvy, almost everyone has a vested interest in saving money! Rising costs in electricity, gas and food have us all scrambling for ways to economize and meet out obligations. So it comes as no surprise that the average family is getting into bargain shopping in a serious way! If you feel you need to get up to speed, now, here are a few suggestions that will impact your budget in a positive way.

Let's start with electricity. Every year, I dread opening my December and January electricity bills! Over a ten year period in the same home, these months have sustained the 'killer months' prize for audacity, much to my pocketbook's dismay. This year, I've been proactive in preparing our home with energy saving steps, which have already produced significant savings. Let me share these with you.

Take a tour of your home with a candle in hand. Go around all door and window openings, holding your candle as a test for leaks. If your candle flickers in a breeze, you've got an energy gobbling leak! For doors, install weatherstripping. A little grout seals window leaks. Wrap your water heater in insulated blanketing. Reduce the temperature setting by just a few degrees. A reduction of just one degree will save you anywhere from 1-3% in yearly energy costs! Equip your dryer with an automatic closing device for your dryer's vent. Normally, your dryer vent stays open, even when not in use. This device closes that dryer vent as soon as the dryer goes off. Another energy-saving device is the programmable heating monitor, which stabilizes home heat settings at a given temperature, during cold nights when you're cozy in bed, maintaining a 67-degree temp during the day, while reducing night temps to a more economical 65-degree setting.

Bargain shopping for gas prices can save you a bundle on driving. and are just two websites that give you access to the cheapest prices in your neighborhood.

As for bargain shopping for food, pay close attention to your local weekly sales flyers! Every supermarket has their weekly 'loss leaders', pricing every day food staples at bargain shopping prices. Stock up on these and plan your menus around them. Don't neglect coupons!

How about clothing? Bargain shopping for clothes can cut your clothing costs dramatically! Shop thrift stores and consignment shops for gently-used quality clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry. When kids grow out of clothes, you can return them for a consignment sale or credit on new purchases. Visit some of the national chain discount department stores, stocked with 'seconds' of hardly discernible flaws in towels, bedding and clothing.

For school and office supplies, cosmetics and toiletries, go browse your local dollar-type store for tremendous bargain shopping values. Why pay $5 for a pack of disposable razors, $4 for a bottle of shampoo or $3 for a tube of toothpaste? A trip to the dollar store is a bargain shopping dream come true. For just $3, you get $12 worth of supermarket goods!

Bargain shopping is an art. Get in the groove and see how happy your bank account can be!

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Never Pay Retail Again!