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Annette Himstedt dolls

Collectors everywhere are taking notice of Annette Himstedt dolls and there is good reason for all of the attention. This artist is a true master who has the ability to bring a doll to life. The Annette Himstedt dolls are remarkable and unique and you are sure to be astounded by their amazing detail.

Each of the Annette Himstedt dolls is unique. The eyes are reflective but deep in each and every one of these characters. I was initially taken back by the remarkably realistic quality of the eyes and there are a few things that I think make this one of the most outstanding features in this style of doll.

The reflective eyes look moist and that makes them look strikingly real. You can almost see your own reflection in these glassy gems and you may even find yourself mesmerized by the Annette Himstedt dolls. The realistic quality of the eyes does not stop with the reflective, natural glassiness that they retain.

There is something quite deep about the eyes as well. Each of the Annette Himstedt dolls that I have come face-to-face with offer expressive eyes that have great depth. You would think that this would be impossible to achieve with something like glass, but these dolls seem to have life in those sparkling, deep eyes.

Eyes are central in my estimation but there are other things that factor into the unique quality of this collection. The expressions on the Annette Himstedt dolls compliment the depth and reflective quality of the remarkably realistic eyes. Somehow, this artist pairs the inner expression of the eyes to the outer expression on the child’s face.

Add fantastic details like touchable, kiddy hair and outrageously adorable features and you have yourself a real piece of artwork. The Annette Himstedt dolls are a must for any avid doll collector. Even those who don’t collect might want one. There is some bad news. Just with any fine piece of artwork, there are limited editions. You might want to snap one up before Annette retires.

The Annette Himstedt dolls look like real children right down to their freckles. The expressive faces include open-mouth postures that are so realistic that you think you see a slight gap between the teeth. There are plenty of poses and expressions to choose, too. I love the pouters but I am taken back by the mid-laugh poses that truly capture the image of a beautiful child in a slice of life.

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