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I love to people watch. I have a degree in social work and criminal justice and have worked in the human services filed for over twenty years. Even though there are times when I feel exhausted in dealing with human emotions, I still love to observe people in public.

People generally like to be kept comfortable. They have small range of temperature fluctuation that they can tolerate before they begin to complain. This is very interesting to me since I reside in the state of Minnesota. Temperature fluctuation is something that is a recurring theme to our extreme weather conditions. We can go from thirty degrees below zero to thirty degrees above zero within a week. This sixty degree difference still has people complaining about how cold it is. Most people want a constant sixty eight to seventy two degrees within their homes. The same people that use multiple space heaters in the winter to deal with the cold will put air conditioner units in every room of their home in the summer to deal with the heat. Most people will choose their air conditioner units over their space heaters if they are told that they can only have one or the other.

In Minnesota the numbers of extremely hot days are limited; however the high humidity is a constant problem in the summer months. Eighty two degrees can feel stifling when there is a high level of humidity with it. It is amazing to see the puddles of water that accumulate under air conditioner units. We have had days when we cannot see out our bay windows because of the condensation on the windows. I do not mind the warm temperatures, but the humidity can cause a great deal of problems with creating mold and mildew as well as warping the wood in the home.

When we moved to our present home it was in the middle of July. We had several inches of rain the day before we moved and then the temperatures went over ninety degrees. Our china hutch and a curio cabinet warped due to the dampness. Once we had them in a room with air conditioner units we were able to get the doors closed. However there was permanent damage to the wood.

After I experienced the warping of furniture I decided that it was not for comfort alone that we needed air conditioning units, but for the longevity of our belongings.

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